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GO 6100 vs GO 1005 live

Hello guys. I'm sorry, but my english is very poor.
I used a GO 530, and three years ago I buyed a GO 1005 live.
Recently the GO 1005 didn't connect to the computer and so isn't possibile update maps.
I'm testing a GO 6100, but I don't understand why the software features of the new navigator are very few !
For example :
The customing funciotns are missing (start picture, car symbol, POIs, themes, and so on).
Searching an address isn't possibile to limit only in a single country.
"Cancella il percorso" (clear the path ?) is missing.
The graphics of maps is an impressive sadness.
Very very important : the device don't have the bluetooth to support hands free mobile!!!!
There is a model with the features that had the GO 1005 or should I leave TomTom ?
The Go 1005 was a great traveling companion.
The Go 6100 is a cute but very simple optional ...


  • dhndhn Posts: 33,206 Superusers
    Did you call support for the Go 1005 problem? Maybe they can help:

    lunedì-venerdì: ore 09:00-17:30 CET

    You are right. Many features are missing from the new devices. But you can clear the current route once it is created. Just click menu-->current route-->cancel route.
  • JFBentivoglioJFBentivoglio Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thankyou for your answer.
    I called the italian support about the problems of the GO 1005.
    To repair the device the cost is (minimun) 105 euros.
    The GO 1005 has the live services expired.
    So I orderd a GO 6100. I think that I will return it to the supplier, due to the limited number of features.
    I'm sorry because I was really excited about the GO 1005 live.
    I used it in Italy and Greece and took me forever to your destination without problems.
    Not only. It has always provided information on points of interest, museums, shopping centers, restaurants, distributors, and so on.
    But if you can no longer manage the POI features are very limited. I had created a POI with all the destinations that usually use and seamlessly trace the path becomes a game.
    Before returning I will complete the tests.
    In the GO 1005 the selection of toll roads was explicitly requested, I could recalculate the route, avoidingexplicitly part of the journey. I not know yet if this is possible with the GO 6100.
    In any case I should also buy a speakerphone for my mobile phone, that was not necessary.
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  • bigbig Posts: 1,552 Superuser
    Some of the things you ask for -- avoiding tolls, limiting search to a country and clearing your route -- are supported by the 6100, though it is done slightly differently. But as you noted, POI support and customization are extremely limited and handsfree calling does not exist at all.
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