POI files synced with MyDrive will not delete from GO 610

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I post this in case it might help others. I was scratching around for ages trying to fix it. I clicked on the trash can by the side of the particular POI file in My Drive>My Places>POI Files but it would not delete the POI file on the device - even though it it was deleted from My Drive. Various ideas on this forum including soft boots, etc.

Easy fix in the end - for some reason, TomTom requires you to login on the software on the computer and the My Drive internet site and also... the TomTom itself. For some reason, the TomTom had logged itself out of My Drive and I needed to put the password into the TomTom (satnav) again. It was updating speed cameras and the maps automatically but would not synchronise with My Drive. Bloody annoying. Hope this helps anybody else in the same situation.


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