Bandit Camera- Feature Requests

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I figured since everyone participating on this forum is an active Bandit user, it would be nice to have input into new features that we see as beneficial to making the Bandit a better camera/experience.

So here is my feature request:

The ability to overlay data on an entire video. This would be incredibly beneficial if you want to simply share an entire video or do post editing outside of the Bandit app/Studio software. I think the feature should allow me to select a video and have the ability to share it. Once I select a video clip to share, it would allow me to add the overlay/sound track the same was as a story.


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    Here, here! That would be super! And if that would be combined with simple cutting features (beginning, somewhere in the middle and at the end), I would solve the problem that I need iMovie to edit the entire clip.
    Oh, and I would like to be able to save the clip to a certain size or to a certain quality (to email them).