VIA 135- Screen changes automatically

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i have a tomtom via 135 the problem is when i am driving along using my tomtom it will start going throw the menu and changing things like someone is operating it from another tomtom.
it wont do it once it will do it a lot and I have to reset it.
it does it more when I connect my rds traffic lead.
so has anyone else had this problem cheers paul


  • dhn
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    Slide a sharp edge of a business card completely around the frame under the bezel to dislodge any 'gunge' under there that might be causing phantom keystrokes.
  • fordwillys
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    I try that and see what happens
  • Bluemoon21669
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    I know its been some time since you had this issue but have you managed to resolve it?
    I have the same issue on my Via135 and have tried numerous resets, all to no avail.
    I don't want to have to replace the device but it is getting to the stage where I may have to as I can not rely on the device functioning correctly and without screen jumping.

    If anyone has any other advice as to how to rectify this issue then please do let me know.