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What is the logic of the sort order of the Videos and the Highlights?
I've recorded every day during my motorbike trip, imported all videos to Studio and have now quite a mess of videos and highlights....
Any suggestions how to handle a bunch of videos after a week of recording?


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    I think this is a much requested item not only for the Beta but also the App, the sorting is a little weird at times, but never right :(
  • Chris
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    We made some changes in the last update to the Bandit Studio and the Bandit Software.
    Previously the videos were arranged in most recent video first (depending on the order in which they were imported) so this means that your first video will be the one in the bottom right corner and the last video that was made will now been in the top left corner.

    Since the updates we also now group the videos from the same recording together, (the Bandit will cut long videos in to smaller more manageable segments), so the first segment will be at the beginning of the recording sessions. Which means that those are also ordered different from the rest of the videos. So if we were reading this as a book from left to right, you go from the newest video to the oldest, until you reach a video which is part one of many segments which will then change the order to chronological order oldest to newest, once past the segmented videos the remaining videos will still be shown in the newest to oldest order.

    We are going to make some further improvements to how the videos are displayed/ordered in the next updates to the Bandit Studio.
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    I have the impression, that in the Version the behavior is not as you describe.
    It is true that the clips I I've recorded in the video section are together, but the days are mixed up....
    Please be aware, that during a week I might use more then one SD card and therefore I have to do more than one import.
    - What is your recommendation regarding used video's? Move them to an other folder (Archive?)
    - Can I organize the files on my own?
    My suggestion:
    ❏ Folder Import; Sub-Folders by Day or Event (Everything that's new)
    ❏ Folder Work; (Everything I'm currently working on, work in progress)
    ❏ Folder Archive
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    This is an absolute nightmare to use, the ordering is so erratic in the highlights part of the Studio app.

    I am having issues just trying to create a movie of 1 day on track, let alone a week out on the bike.

    The only thing i can think of to make it easier, is to only import 1 file at a time and work on each individually.

    I wish there was a way you can add an overlay to a whole video rather than just highlights, as that takes so long to keep stretching the clip out
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    I agree with the above comments, i usually go on two hour rides with my Bandit, and trying to organise the highlights in order is a joke.. please sort this out.
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    Surely date/time is part of each highlight clip file properties. The date/time sort order option for highlights should be one of the first options available once all the videos are imported.
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    Dear developer, what is the problem for you, to read the session_id or session_import_date from the TomTomBanditStudio.db? can use it to sort the videos? Or you can generate a time stamp during the import process?!
    At the moment you creates a 32-digit in table id as text. Why you can don't count up the index as normal developers? The Id is the simplest thing to use an sorting of stuff.
    The Bandit Studio Software is since a year "Beta". And when does the software leave the beta status?
    The Cam is nice, but your Software is "crappy".
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    Really have to agree. The camera is only as good as the software that drives it. This is currently a nightmare to get anything done with this crap software.
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    This still isn't "sorted". I went for a ride last night and TomTom generated 6 files.
    In the order displayed in Bandit Studio, the start times are as follows:


    What the actual heck? Is this random?
    Why not this?


    What should happen is this: Days in descending order (so most recent day first) with videos in ascending time order for each day. And why not some sorting options so we can decide?