What are your thoughts? - Bandit and latest firmware

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With all the recent discussions on audio, rattling noises and the relase of the latest firmware....I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on this device now, in comparison to what it was like previously.

I've been tempted on the Bandit ever since it came out, but only stepped up to purchase one a few weeks ago. I loved it, and hated it at the same time....loved the ease of use, the editing, the gps and the overlays available.
Hated the audio, the rattling noise, the lack of being able to add multiple overlays...there are a few other things as well, but I will put that down to my own preferences rather than something actually wrong with the camera.

Since the latest firmware, I'm now much happier with the Bandit. The audio is way better (for what I need)...I think it can be improved further, but at least it's useable. I use this camera for motorsport (inside a rally car) and before the latest firmware update, you couldn't tell that the car had it's engine switched on!!
The ability to add multiple overlays is also a huge improvement.

Are people generally happy with this device now, or are we still needing some huge improvments? I'm in the 'acceptable' camp for this, unlike a few weeks ago.


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    I am happier now with the audio, still a little room for improvement I think. I tend not to use audio much in my videos but when I do, I have a reason, and now TT has sorted the issue. I always liked my Bandit and never leave home without it
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    I was (and am still) a Sony action cam user as well (hopefully will change shortly)...and therefore I can compare the Bandit with the Sony FDR-X1000V. The audio is definitely better on the Sony, and it also has more video options. However, from an ease of use perspective I way prefer the Bandit. menus are very simple, the remote works well, the app is a bit slicker as well.
    Sony also have a 'highlights' ability, but it is implemented slightly differently...it uses colour change, faces (!) and some other quirky stuff...I've compared Bandit hihglights and Sony highlights and I prefer the Bandit output.
    I did see a YouTube video about the g-force overlay on the Bandit and that it's 'useless'....I haven't really tested this so I can't confirm.
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    Hi Frenzy382, I think I know what video you are referring to. From what I remember he is driving two different bikes at the same speed and then complaining that they both show similar G-Force, my interpretation would be that this behaviour would be expected, but the user seems to think the difference in the bikes one being older than the other should mean one would give more G-Force than the other. I would understand it if he was talking about acceleration but in the video both bikes are moving at the same speed when he complains about the G-Force overlay.

    We'll continue to improve the Bandit based on the user feedback, and I think with the last update the team did some really great work improving upon the existing features.
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    I really like that you put the in the option to disable GPS, will be interesting to see how it affects battery life. The G meter jumps all over the place for me personally so I don't really see the use with it for what I do. Probably the only other thing I would like to see improve a bit is the video quality at 1080p as it seems quite a bit softer than the GoPro until I use 2.7k and downscale it. Not sure if that has had any fixes recently?

    Other than that, yeah the sound quality, as I mentioned in the other thread...