Battery Issue and Cannot Write to SD Card

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I recently returned a battery to TT Support as it was constantly giving me problems with the SD card and the Can't Write To SD Card screen. Now my second battery is showing exactly the same problem. BUT it only happens if I remove the battery from the camera. If I leave the battery in and and turn it off and on, even allowing hours I don't get the issue. I only use cards that TT say are ok.

I am thinking at this stage it is not the battery but the camera. Anyone else suffered this. I am now going to report the issue to CS


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    Hi the-civvie, it's strange behaviour indeed, which SD card from the FAQ are you using?
    Usually these error messages are caused by SD cards with inadequate read/write speeds.
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    Chris: Well I feel foolish. The problem was operator :) I was pressing the power off button, waiting for the screen to go blank and then removing the card. Then testing, I waited about 10 seconds after the screen went blank and the error has not happened since. I am guessing that the camera is still doing housekeeping after the screen goes blank for a second or so.

    The first battery was slightly different in that it would power down after a few seconds and go into a recycle mode. I am guessing that was causing the SD card error. The service centre has verified the problem