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I have searched the site to see if this as been asked before and cannot find a suitable thread.

Is the MyDrive (win10) functionally the same as the Ipad IOS version ?

I ask because. on the Ipad I cannot;

Start a route from any of My Places ie Home. The Route seems to start from current position.

Put stops on a route (there is no "Add to route" choice)

My POIs will list if I search for "National Trust" but there is no indication that I have a list of POIs.
POIs are not displayed, butneither are they on the Win10 version.


Apologies I may have put this in the wrong TT Forum / thread


  • Zsolt
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    The functions are different in the MyDrive app and on the MyDrive web site.
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    Thanks ,
    Thought it might be me !
  • terry_wagstaff
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    I have given up using the iPad app. It does not have the functionality of the web site

  • MikkoK
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    Hi all,

    As Zsolt mentioned the web and app versions of MyDrive indeed have differences. However, on tablets you can use the web version as well by browsing to

    For more information and troubleshooting tips for MyDrive, please see this FAQ.

    Cheers, Mikko