Bandit Camera- GPS + plotting GPS track

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Is possible to use the gps tracking of the bandit without using the camera?

Plotting the gps track (cycling) from the bandit on google earth I get lines going from side of the street to the other side (zigzagged pattern). Should this be the case or should get straigth lines?



  • gl00
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    ahh... this bug has been reported, but not fixed apparently (I guess this will be for the next update)... instead, Tomtom added GPX files, which are fine!
    In case you need KML files, you can use gpx to kml converter here :
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    I am new to the bandit, how do you track a route, or transfer it to Google Earth
  • Chris
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    Hi Aitchy, to export GPS data from your videos you need to use TomTom Bandit Studio, After you have imported your video into the studio simply right click on the video and choose Export GPS data.
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    Thanks Chris, will give it a try...