Tomtom startup message when connected to in-car USB Port

I have a newish car with an in-car USB port. My Tomom ALWAYS starts up by displaying a "connecting to your PC" message. Is there anyway to turn this "feature" off? I just want it to display the normal map whenever I start my car. I do not want or need to see the "connect to a PC" message when the unit is in my car. Any ideas?


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    Did you update your card using a PC? Check your manual.

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    It really should be an item of concern for you. Here's why:

    A standard computer's usb port puts out just .5 A power, barely enough to charge the device when it is indeed truly connected to the computer.

    Connecting the device to a usb port in the car has the same effect and the device 'thinks' it is being connected to a computer because of the low power output being received.

    But keeping the device connected that way might ultimately result in the battery in the device dying prematurely. Instead use the cable that came with the device and use the cig lighter outlet in the car to charge it. The output of the cig lighter is more than 1.0 amps and is much better for proper gps functionality.
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    Thanks - will do.
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