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Is it possible to live stream from the TomTom Bandit to YouTube or other services?

For exsample Sony has Ustream-service and Periscope - Live Streaming with your GoPro



  • gl00
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    No live streaming available, sorry.
  • Chris
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    The TomTom Bandit Action Camera doesn't have any direct connection to the internet, it does have Wi-Fi but this is to connect to the TomTom Bandit App.

    This is the same for most of the Action Cameras that do support this feature, they actually connect to a phone using it's Wi-Fi connection and then use an app on the phone to stream the video using the phones data network. This results in poor and unstable video.

    Considering how these Action Cameras use third party apps to support this makes it seem that it's not an easy or straightforward feature to implement. The market for Live Streaming is also still very niche, probably another reason why these manufacturers are relying on 3rd party apps instead of developing their own solution.

    If Live Streaming takes off, I think we will see some interesting developments in this area, including in the Action Camera market.
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    Well that is not a good answer. Would you agree that it could work this way:
    connect the bandit to a pc via WiFi (an app would be required for the pc) and the PC is connected to internet via LAN cable.

    Bandit is a great device, this is the only thing missing. I believe that it could expand the bandit's field of use, therefore more people would buy it.

    Please consider it.
  • gl00
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    I think the idea is to stream outdoor activities. Which could be interesting...

    My audience would be limited to my mum making sure I didn't t crash in a tree though, though...
  • opaca91
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    Well that is kinda tricky I believe. But still I can do it on my Sony Xperia smartphone, why not combining the two...
    My idea is to stream live indoor activities that are close to a device that has wifi.
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    You can live stream from your GoPro.