Setting up my own route with multiple stops

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Thought I would try TomTom Go Mobile out first before paying a fee, which so far I am glad I have not. All I would like to do is travel from Leeds to Liverpool. With two Stops, one in Bolton and one in Widnes. Avoiding Motorways. On the free app, I just cannot seem to get it to work. How do you add extra stops, yes I can avoid motorways and that is about it

Also I noticed that I cannot manually say click and drag a route to slightly tweek it on to another B road as an example.

I have spent hours trying to work it out, and resorted to Google Maps which is just as hopeless I am having to put in three routes for each individual stop

Help please?


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    Start by creating a route to the end destination. Then go back to Current Route in the main menu and add any additional stops. If you want to move part of the route you can do that by adding whatever stops are needed to cause the route to move to the way you prefer. You can then save out the route you have constructed in Current Route / Add to My Routes.
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    leonj wrote:
    this does not work for me. i have just downloaded it and gone through the above. No option to add a stop
    When you select Current Route are you offered a menu that includes Find Alternatives, Avoid Blocked Roads and later one named Add Stop to Route?
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    One problem I've found using multiple stops is that the whole route is shown the same colour. This is fine if it's one long progressive route, but if you get half a dozen local stops where the route crosses itself and uses the same road more than once, it becomes a nightmare to try and follow. Compare this to my in car sat nav where the current leg is a different colour to the rest of the route making the whole thing much easier to understand & follow.
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    Looking to upgrade my snooper s7000 truck nav and like the look of your pro.
    Problem is I need to be able to route upto 30-40 multiple addresses on any given route from a designated start point with out entering a final destination!
    Need the device to order automatically in the most efficient route and tell me the final destination which would work out the furthest of the most efficient route (Route Optimisation)
    Is this a feature I can’t find on the app or is this not currently possible on the pro?
    If not, are you developing this feature in the near future or do I invest in a more modern Snooper Truck Nav instead until you have?
    Seems you have all bases covered for the professional driver other than this vital feature saving money, time and the environment.
    Eager to hear your response asap as will others be.