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Is TomTom customer service for real?

Johnpcawley1Johnpcawley1 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
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Hi All, I have joined this forum due to my experience yesterday (09/05/16) and curious as to whether other members have been subject to similar behaviour. Before I start my moan, I would like thank your members for all the help posted here which partly resolved my situation. I will try to explain without boring you all...

My TomTom XL IQ routes is a few years old but was in perfect working order. I finally decided to update the maps yesterday and plugged it in to the TomTom home page. The site searched for suitable/relevant updates and set to work. I paid £34 for the updated maps. My tomtom no longer worked following the update, it would freeze, crash, restart and half of the icons were missing. I eventually phoned customer service and he set about trying to help me. Following a 1hr and 25 minute phone call he finally gave in and suggested that I purchased a new system with 25% discount and he would refund my earlier map purchase. I reluctantly agreed as I still felt wronged that their official map update had broken my previously working TomTom.
I then received an email from the customer rep advising that his supervisor would not agree to refund the updated maps but good news though I was still to get the 25% discount and a speed camera service free for 2 years. The only reason I agreed to the purchase was due to getting my refund.

I eventually happened across this website and followed a members instructions, after formatting the whole system, I installed suggested software leaving out the "MAP SHARE program" and low & behold my TomTom is back to working order again. So thank you members and why couldn't their technician do this ?

I then sent a detailed email pointing out that I had a perfectly working TomTom prior to plugging it into their website. I updated my device with their software. It was their software that broke my device. I was then promised a refund which they have now reneged on. I hadn't even considered being compensated for my broken device at this stage....I have still not received a response.

I therefore phoned customer service again today and following another hour long phone call whereby I advised that I wanted to cancel the order as it was mis-sold and would like a full refund, the customer rep tried fobbing me off with "I'll sort it and send you a confirmation email, I insisted on her sending me the email whilst still on the phone. The email finally arrived and it didn't agree to a refund but stated it will be looked into. I demanded to speak with a supervisor. He eventually spoke with me and said it was too late for a refund as the new system has been despatched from the warehouse. I would have to wait for it to arrive, send it back, allow it to be inspected and then a decision for a refund will be made.

I have never experienced such terrible customer service. I dare to think how many consumer laws have been broken here but they do not give a damn. Am I the only person to have experienced such service or should I say LACK of service.
I doubt whether TomTom are aware how badly their customer service is actually treating people and how unprofessional they actually are hence my decision to post this rant.

I apologise to anyone that I have upset but feel so angry...


  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 7,964 TomTom Moderator
    Hi Johnpcawley1

    I had a look at the incident you have raised with customer service and I see the case was escalated to a Supervisor.

    They indeed contacted the concerned team to see they could cancel the order and arrange for a quick refund. The order status reflects that the device has already been shipped/dispatched due to which they are not able to proceed with the refund.

    However we can follow the Buyers refund procedure where you can return the device to get a full refund within 14 working days from the date of purchase.

    Once you get the device at your end please update the incident from your end so the customer service can arrange for a postage paid label to be sent to you.

    Many apologies for all the inconvenience caused during the entire process.

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  • Johnpcawley1Johnpcawley1 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hi all...again,

    I am again having to type an update on my current situation as this is the only time TomTom actually respond.

    I still have not received a refund for the money that was fraudulently taken from me by TomTom, OR, have I actually received the new TomTom that I was conned into purchasing.

    I would like to know if this is pure incompetence by TomTom staff or are you willfully committing fraud and theft ??

    I would like to have my money deposited back into my bank account please or I will be going to the small claims court. I will also be submitting a claim for compensation.

    Fellow members I apologise again for having to air my laundry in public but I feel that I have no other choice.

    John Cawley
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