New Bandit Studio Beta v1.2.54 available for download

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Hi All,

We have released an update to the TomTom Bandit Studio, you should be notified that an update is available the next time you open the program. You can also download it from

[h3]What's new?[/h3]
  • The Originals tab has been replaced by a Videos and a Photos tab.
  • A TomTom Bandit video Outro can now be included in your video.
  • We have improved fonts in the Windows version.
  • The progress of exporting and sharing your video story is now shown more precisely.
  • You can now add a 3D G-force overlay.
  • Overlays for speed and G-force (2D and 3D) now have more smooth transitions.
  • You can now select multiple highlights to add overlays, to mute them or to delete them.
As we are still in Beta, please let us know your thoughts and experiences using the new version of the Studio!




  • bluecastle
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    I´m afraid that the new Beta causes bluescreens in Win10 (64-bit). Can anybody confirm this? I set the machine back several times. Everytime I do the update the bluescreen-issues Returns.
  • bluecastle
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    Please delete my comment because bluescreen now happened without updating bandit studio.:? Sorry for that.
  • CaptainHairyLegs
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    Hey Chris,

    The new version of the studio is a great improvement over the previous version! Al tough I would like to see some features added if possible. One of these is adding a full clip to the story. Currently I do this trough highlighting and then extending the video to full length, being able to add the video in its entirety would make editing a lot easier. Also when extending a clip/highlight the part will start over again, editing flow would be improved greatly if the video would keep playing when extending/shorting a clip as then it is much easier to see when you want the clip to end.


  • Chris
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    Hi CaptainHairyLegs, thanks for the feedback, the TomTom Bandit Studio is still in BETA so we are giving all feedback to the development team for consideration, expect to see more features added in the near future.
  • Maerel
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    While the iPhone version has a smooth transition feature between shots, why doesn't the Studio version ( & up-to-date) offer that beautiful option (at least, I can't find it...)?