Charging points POI for electric car

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I have been using the TomTom app on my Iphone for several years and a few days ago upgraded to the TomTom Go app. That's a great improvement. However.... I have contacted TomTom many times in the past and asked them why there are no charging points for electric cars in the POI database. Electrical cars are becoming more and more popular and adding charging points would be an excellent feature for the TomTom app: everyone with an electrical car would want to know where they can charge.
Finally I thought my prayers were heard, because the new TomTom Go app comes with "Oplaad punten" (charging points) according to the users manual page 31/32, where there's a list of POI's with POI icons.
What a disappointment: I can't find a single charging point in the app! Am I doing something wrong?


  • Baobab
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    I very much support this item. I have an electric car and has to leave TomTom go to another app to search for charging points. Come into the new age TomTom
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    In 2019, as a bare minimum TomTom should be able to locate the nearest charging station with a compatible plug type! Even better, it should be able to compute a route based on estimate car range, that automatically navigates you to charging points.
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    What would be better is for TomTom GO Mobile to accept custom POIs. That way you could download the latest POIs for charge points from a reliable source (the charge stations themselves).

    However, you can load custom POIs (including charging stations) into an iOS app called POIViewer which will show you the nearest (as the crow flies) and you can get POIViewer to navigate to that POI via TomTom Go Mobile.