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  • VikramK I have just tried again and this time (plugged into my PC and not using wi-fi in my motorhome), the maps have shown themselves to be, "Europe Camper" and "1060.10590", so I now appear to be up to date. The strange thing is that, whilst my Start 25 updated to 1060 at least a week ago, the Camper showed 1041 and made…
  • Was it? I will have to check again, but the only notification I received was for my Start 25 and the Go Camper was shown (and still is shown) as being v1041, see:- https://help.tomtom.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360013959519-Latest-maps-for-navigation-devices
  • I have had an extensive tour of France and Germany since I wrote the above and can now confirm that with a fully charged battery, the Tom Tom Go Camper will survive very well for at least a fortnight in standby mode. We arrived at our longest stop (in France) and I programmed our next destination before switching the…
  • Hooray! The maps are available today and I am a happy camper! Thanks to Niall for his accurate reply to my question of 21st August
  • Thanks for the feedback, I can live with 27th as a date, but would not really want it to be later. I appreciate that there probably will not be much of a change between 10.30 and 10.35, but as I am going on an 8 week trip, the latest maps will be nice to have.
  • I am away in my Motorhome from the end of August to the start of November and will keep a record of use. I will report back here on my return.
  • YamFazMan, many thanks for your help. There does not seem to be any advice in the instructions as to when the unit should be fully powered down as opposed to being left in Sleep Mode. I will follow your suggestion of 2 full days as a guide whenever possible.
  • YamFazMan This is the question I was (very badly trying) to ask. How long will the battery last under the condition of, "Sleep Mode". The device is 'ticking over', but how long will it last (ticking over) before going flat? At what point is it worth while turning the unit fully off when it is not going to be used for some…
  • Thank you YamFazMan. Best wishes .............. Michael
  • I know that the battery will last for 1 hour when the Tom Tom Go Camper is turned on and disconnected from the power supply, but what I would like to know is how long it will last when the Tom Tom is in standby mode (the screen blank). Sorry if this was not clear.
  • Doug Thanks for your help, it is obvious to me now (I totally missed it before) Thanks again ........... Michael