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  • Really? So I cannot adjust it while idle, but only while moving? That's not only odd, it can actually be dangerous! How does it work in practice? Does a button or slider to change the volume pop up on the screen only when it's giving directions?
  • What do you mean? The volume can be adjusted only while the Rider is giving directions, not when it is silent? That would seem very odd. Do you know if volume is synced between the Rider and the headset, or if changing the setting in one affects it in the other, too? I know this differs from Bluetooth to Bluetooth.
  • Yes, but:* streaming high quality music uses lots of data * doesn't work when there's no data connection (riding in rural areas, tunnels, etc) * why pay for a streaming service to stream music you already own? * cost aside, recreating your playlist in a streaming service can be a pain Of course these things are very…
  • You guys are missing the point that, paradoxically, most modern phones can store way less music than some of the first Androids with sd card slots: sd slots have become rarer and rarer; the internal storage has grown, but so has the space required by the operating system and by most apps. Of course if you're an iphone user…
  • It's a shame. To each his own, of course, but having a functionality doesn't force you to use it if you don't want it. It would have been useful because nowadays phones with sd cards are rarer and rarer. PS This is one of the reasons why I think I am better off buying a rugged phone like the Cat S41…
  • So the countries mapped are the only differences between the 500 and the 550? Will the 5xx series finally be able to play music like their Garmin competitors?
  • Ah, I see. Instead, does the Go 5200 have an integrated microphone? Ie can you use the Go 5200 to take and make calls in a car without needing additional devices / contraptions, etc?
  • Thanks! When you say a I need a BT headset to answer calls, do you mean I need it on a motorbike (clearly), but not in a car, right?
  • Thanks. So is the integrated speaker in the car dock or in the rider unit? If I use the rider in my car, can I take a call using the microphone and the speaker of the Rider? Or does the Rider need to be connected to a headset and to divert the call to the headset? I don't want to keep a headset in my ear all the time while…