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  • Dear @YamFazMan, not at the moment, I'm not near my car...
  • Since my last post I haven't tried much. I currently using the device without beeing logged into MyDrive. But I connected occasionally to Internet via WiFi through my mobile. The hint with reinserting the SIM is not conclusive for me. Without beeing connected to internet I also get all the trafic infos and route suggestion…
  • Thank you for this hint. I will try as soon as possible and post here my experience.
  • No, I guess not. I bought the device in spring 2018 (26.04.2018 order or delivery date) directly from TomTom
  • Unfortunately, the improvement was only temporary. This morning on the way to work, the device showed the old faulty behaviour again. But there are still some variations left to play with.
  • Ich habe im englischen Forum unter zum gleichen Problem was gepostet. Vielleicht hilft das weiter...
  • Latest findings: Under "....[Menü]/Einstellungen/System/Ihre Informatinen und Datenschtz" I disabled the option "Helfen Sie uns, besser zu werden". At the moment it looks like that the device works as expected* with active synchronization when this option is off. *Expected means neither restarts nor reboots, the further…
  • Thank you for your advices. I will wait for further answers. Then I'll decide how to proceed. This will probably on next weekend. Without sync the device works perfectly as at the beginning. I just returned from an excursion. All routes an traffic obstructions where calulated and displayed correctly in time.
  • Yes it works. It stays on the German site. Are the (my) posts shared in German and English support forums or are they completely separated?
  • Thank you for your answers. Meanwhile I feel comfortable with the english site. But I guess these hints are helpful for other users too. Kind Regads.
  • Well, as I already told in my post this happens only when syncing is enabled logged into my account. Now I completely shut down the device, removed the memory card, and rebooted again... Free internal memory is 4,44 GB using the "Europe" road map. "Meine Routen" are still available and listed. … I activate synchronization…