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  • Many thanks @DougLap. That seems to have solved the problem. I can't understand why that route was locked to my Sat Navs and no matter what I did I was unable to change it. As soon as I deleted or cleared the route it immediately came back. Any ideas anyone??
  • Fantastic VikramK. Many thanks for sorting it out.
  • They aren't there.
  • Done. No change!!!
  • @VikramK is on the case but the problem isn't solved yet.
  • I am absolutely certain that the problem here is not a network firewall or security blocking issue. The problem is almost certainly a device based issue. I monitored exactly what happened yesterday having again reinstalled the software from the white letter screen, which was completed successfully. From the Updates & New…
  • @YamFazMan I really have tried everything TomTom suggest and followed everything to the letter. My internet & wifi signal are strong stable and fast. I've reset the device several times. It seems that the device is locked in a loop and nothing I do will solve it. I am wondering if it is possible to reset it at TomTom's end
  • Hi Doug, Yes I did that. @VikramK came back to me with the official TomTom guidance, which I've followed to the letter, but with no luck. I sent @VikramK 2 follow up messages a few days ago, but he hasn't come back to me. Best regards Mervyn
  • Hi All I'm tearing my hair out with this issue as it still has not been resolved. Absolutely any help will be very much appreciated. I have followed all the advice given so far, have a strong & fast internet connection, no firewall problems. Everything has been reset, hard reset numerous times. Is there any advice as to…
  • Many Thanks for your reply. I have tried all of the methods recommended in your post. What I have tried so far is. Complete factory reset of the device. I have also reloaded the software using the "hold the button down," 3 clicks & connect to MyDrive Connect method.. None of these have changed what is happening when…
  • The updating screen is now looping, sticking at 47% and then dropping back to 32% Then repeating the process (looping)