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  • Good grief. I came here thinking they must have a release date by now. They must be losing money as people like me let their GO subscription expire But no, seems to be a vague as ever about when we will get support. I think we can say that the ea…
  • Just loaded up tomtom GO for the first time since I got CarPlay, four years ago. I see that my subscription will expire in March next year. I wonder if they will manage to get CarPlay support working by then The developers at TomTom seem to move a…
  • When TomTom decided to retire the original IOS app, they gave me 3 year free subs to TomTom GO - I never took advantage of that free sub because in the early days it was so bad, and in later years, I had to use Apple Maps on car play instead. But A…
  • It can’t come too soon. I am fed up having to start journeys with no navigation because I can’t get a mobile signal. And not having waypoints on Apple maps, And worst still with Apple maps, they tell you the next direction straight after the last…
  • As I continue to be offered stupid routes and no waypoints by Apple Maps. And as I continue to have to start journeys with no navigation, because I have no mobile data signal at the start location. I came back here in the hope of some progress. …
  • As we wait for a fix to the old app introduced in the last update, I too have been forced to give the GO App another try- The CEO's comment about "3 years of Unlimited Navigation on our new GO Mobile app for free" is a joke - i have had GO since Mar…
  • MikkoK schrieb: Hi leahk, Thanks for your feedback! Our product team is focusing on developing the new GO Mobile app and you can see a list of some of the features currently planned for it here. Cheers, Mikko As more and more cars …