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  • See my post earlier about the appalling map quality. I've given up on TomTom. They've been adding errors to maps for a few years now, mostly removing blockages on roads that already made some areas LTNs in effect, and all the changes in London are just swamping them. Reported several alterations myself, with nice geo…
  • As an example here's fisher's lane...I reported it on mapshare a week or so ago. Nice HD gps tagged photo to show you the new "no vehicular traffic" signs that only allows buses and cycles. But nooooo....still open on your system despite accepting my report as accurate.
  • Did same with me - got a 6 month one on 6th January (longest I could get) and have the receipt showing it's a one off payment of £14.99, and on 2nd March I got an email saying they were going to take £2.99 a month unless I objected within 26 days. Ignored it as I assumed it was an error as that's clearly illegal and I had…
  • I had the same - got a 6 month one off subscription in January, as I always do (normally 12 months but 6 is all they had available other than the 2.99 subscription) and in March I got an email saying that "for my convenience" they were going to take 2.99 a month unless I objected within 23 days. I'd changed my bank card…
  • Similar tonight, tried to take me down a closed road. Small residential road, but Google once again knows about it when I've checked a couple of hours later(appears to be overnight roadworks) but TomTom not only doesn't know about it but lists non existent roadworks with single alternate line traffic lights as being at one…
  • Nope...something has changed but it's still not working. Sometimes shows the address, but other times doesn't. Sometimes appears to depend on how the postcode is formatted.... Eg. If I put in TS170XP it shows a list of addresses but not the right one....but if I add a space at the end it suddenly shows the address. If I…
  • Now got about half a dozen one star reviews on Android in the last 24 hours or so. Same cut and paste response to all of them, acting like they're unaware of the issue even though it's been doing it on the actual website browser version for ages. Roll the update back and do NOT update the software on our actual SatNavs…
  • Someone else has posted a 1 star review on the latest version of the Android app saying exactly what we're saying here and they've replied to him acting mystified and asking him to call their help line. Is TomTom THAT incompetent??? It's not even a bug...a bug is something that happens in unusual circumstances or just or…
  • Now you've just updated the android app and it's doing it now!!! The website has been doing it for ages and you now break the phone app... Same issue. Stick a postcode in and you just get a list of nearby businesses. If there's no business using that can't go there. How can you "be aware of an issue"…