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  • (Quote) in italy the last minor update was launched at 16 october 2018 and is only a fix for the compatibility of the new android. Last major update (i mean new UI, new graphics, new options, some differences.....) is more than 2 years, that is th…
  • 11 February 2019; It is over 4 months since the last minor update, and 2 years (T W O - Y E A R S !!!) from the last major update. The support and the developing are dead. This App is dead.
  • (Quote) I am an Italian taxi driver, I am not a kid. And I use TomTom for work. TomTom NEED some improvements. Is incredible that at 2018 is impossible to scroll the map in navigation mode, the UI is OLD style AND SLOW, the icons on the map are OLD…
  • I don't know why TomTom is stocked to this old nav UI. Never a major update, never new graphics, never new UI, never news. Good GPS app, but boring and SLOW support and news.......
  • I am forced to "up" this topic because Traffic is not accurate in Italy. Very good for traffic jam.... but UGLY for traffic events (like works on the road, closed streets, accidents etc). I pay for this app....and i am TIRED to have a tr…
  • No, i am not a beta tester. I received an invitation by email, i filled the fields of a form, but i never received a confirm by tomtom. However, beta tester or not, this App need a lot of improvements. I love tomtom, i use tomtom since the first …
  • I agree. No news....no updatings....no improving... This app is blocked 1 years ago........
  • Today in Rome there was a public transport strike. there was a mess on the roads. A LOT OF TRAFFIC and roads events. tomtom traffic missed a lot of closed streets, closed tunnels and works. in Italy tomtom traffic needs to be improved.
  • For me there are 2 possibilities to fix this failings... 1) to do a deal with the 1st traffic service of each country to help tomtom traffic.... 2) to give the possibility to the users to report in real time roads events (not traffic) like closed r…
  • Mhhh... For me this happen because TomTom Don't choose the most important local Traffic Service to Help TomTom Traffic. In italy is luceverde, I don't know in France but I think is the same problem.