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  • Thank you so much for this, I totally missed it before. Has been bookmarked!
  • (Quote) I am with you now... It did not appear on my 6200 because I did not have my phone paired. Just did it to check it out. Nice feature, maybe I will give the Bluetooth linkup another go. I was not happy about it in the past, I just found it ver…
  • (Quote) It has been there all the time in previous versions... :wink: --- Joining up with saved routes is a very welcome solution to a long awaited "bug" or functionality that was not working as you would suspect it would. Other than t…
  • Hi Naill, Thank you for trying to help. Although I have a strong impression that this answer is not applicable to the question and is put here by mistake. This is not about the screen being dimmed. Nevertheless, I am using the original car charger.…
  • I have the exact same issue for many months now, so this bug is going back to a few software versions already. I have the feeling I am drum rolling ALL THE TIME. And yes, like the others said, the voices usually fail when it should not. When going…
  • (Quote) Excuse me, of course I meant NOT sounding thin. I did not mention it before but the graphics of the screen is very good. Movement of the 3D map is VERY smooth. There is not so much zooming at crossroads, I did not like that so much with pr…
  • Hello, I was maybe not clear for you. The in-car handsfree is something separate from TomTom and works great, wonderful sound with phone calls, both ways. With the 6200, calling is much less quality. For me I woud never use the handsfree functionali…
  • Other than that (to continue in a new reply because I could not edit this reply, sorry) I want to mention that I am very happy with this TomTom. It is my first Tommy, I have to add, and some years ago I did not want a TomTom because of the daft oper…
  • Its hands free/voice command function is indeed of quality that is subject to 'a bit of improvement' in order to make it really practical to use in real life. In my Corsa diesel the error rate when you are driving is definitely above 90% and that me…