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  • Thanks; yes, I've seen the UK version of that, which is simply a not very well disguised effort to persuade me to spend the same again on a new TomTom unit. It states, "Your device will continue to function as it does now, but your map will become out-of-date and as such navigation will be less accurate." but that's…
  • I have the same issue its_nick. In my case, TomTom actually sold me a new map upgrade, knowing full well that it can't be added to the largest (4Gb) card that's fitted, and I'm now stuck with a device that's hopelessly out of date, and a completely useless map download. I was told I might be able to overcome this using map…
  • Afternoon all; I'm back to this again, but am getting nowhere with loading zones. Currently, the Rider is loaded with the last valid map of Western Europe, which shows as 2089.3 Mb. The instructions I found for loading Zones are as follows: You can change the active map zone in use on your navigation device at any time…
  • Thanks Niall; I'll look into how to do that when I get back. Only in the UK for the next week, and I know most of the roads well enough to get by. Are you saying that if I select the zones on my device, it will then download only the maps for those Zones? Heading off now, and likely to be out of signal until I get back...
  • Thanks Niall, as I already have a 4Gb card installed, it looms like I'm stuffed, unless I only download part of the map, which is pretty dumb when I've paid for the whole thing. Not sure how to do it, and as I'm leaving tomorrow, the old map will have to do for now. Will see if I can download only a zone when I get back.…