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  • Hi @tangoman65 A small map of UK and ROI has been activated on your device. Try installing this to internal memory of the device. It should be offered for download in MyDrive Connect. Regards Vikram
  • Hi @agzol I have activated a small map of UK and ROI. It should be offered for download in MyDrive Connect. Thanks, Vikram
  • Hi @Spennyy2k Unfortunately, this is not possible yet, but a very relevant feedback. I have forwarded this to the team so they will put it on the improvement list for the future. Thanks, Vikram
  • Hi @Domenec Welcome to the community! Does a soft reset help? Regards Vikram
  • Hi @Nafetser Welcome to the community! Could be the power supply fault or failure from the battery that could have caused it. Have you tried charging the device for 2 hours and then tried a soft reset? (Soft reset-Press and hold the ON/OFF butto…
  • Hi @shajen Welcome to the community! Could you try using MyDrive Connect as an alternative to WiFi and see if that helps? See the last section on this FAQ- [USING MYDRIVE CONNECT AS AN A…
  • Hi @srdanpastar Welcome to the community! I have reactivated the map for your device. Just remove the existing map first and then download a fresh version offered for download in TomTom HOME. Regards Vikram
  • Some advice from our 2nd Line team to troubleshoot this- The firewall's settings might require knowledge of ports used in MyDrive Connect. All the communication (inbound and outbound, local and remote) via the following TCP ports should be allowed.…
  • @YamFazMan @Joopie10 I have merged both topics into one, just to keep the discussion under one thread. I will forward the reports to the team. Regards Vikram
  • Quick update- For this one- 9c20bda1-9060-48ce-9e67-0f5234802f46 You added the comment -"3676 Harding belongs here" and was reported under POI. Its not clear for which POI this report has been created for and so it got rejected as insu…
    in Map errors Kommentar von VikramK 26. Februar
  • Hi @scoobyo Thanks for coming back. The 2nd one is a report for a speed limit correction and these take longer to get accepted/implemented compared to the other standard corrections. I have sent the others to be reviewed by the team. I will get b…
    in Map errors Kommentar von VikramK 26. Februar
  • Hi @AndrewFo When I review the logs for the downloads on your device, I find pending download for speed cameras updates. Could you try few steps as below:- 1. Disconnect the device and do a soft reset 2. Clear the cache in MyDrive Connect- (Imag…
  • Hi @Frank2424 Welcome to the community! Could you try a soft reset, see FAQ here- Also, see some suggestions from @Niall all on this topic Regards Vikram
  • (Quote) Hi Michael, Yes. I already shared it with the team :D when you first commented about it here Everyone was so happy to see the positive feedback :heart: Thank YOU, Vikram
  • Hi @AdamR1977 I don't find a device linked to your TomTom account. Could you please contact the customer service with the device serial number? They should be able to sort out the subscription-related issues. Regards Vikram.
  • Hi @deebee51 Looking at the download logs it seems that are pending downloads for voices and speed cameras updates. It's always recommended to install one update at a time. I would advise that you keep the device connected to MyDrive Connect and l…
  • Hi @Juliafoster01 Welcome to the community! See here- Regards Vikram
    in New lead Kommentar von VikramK 25. Februar
  • Hi @DaveJones Welcome to the community! It's is not a TomTom HOME or a RIDER device issue. Mostly a problem related to Windows ® 10 OS. See if the advice provided on this link helps-…
  • Hi @Crmx I asked the team to review the logs and it seems that these are the speed cameras updates. Could you try using MyDrive Connect as an alternative? See this FAQ- (Steps under-USIN…
  • Hi @Crmx Could you just do a soft reset and see if that changes anything? Regards Vikram
  • Hi @Crmx Which exact update are you trying to install, I see that your device has the latest map and the firmware installed already. Thanks Vikram :)
  • Hi BoBørgesen 2040 is not a map version. I asked because you already have an active subscription on your account. Could you follow the steps below, please? 1. Tap on the main screen to bring up the main menu 2. Tap on settings 3. Tap on Status …
  • Hi @manicslothpdx Welcome to the community! What exactly do you mean by "increase the accuracy of iPhone GPS"? Regards Vikram