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  • Don't bother getting Carplay if this would be your reason to. Just get a huge phone and a decent holder and go that way instead.
  • Ok, just been and tried this on Carplay, it's truly awful. How has this actually been beta tested? This is all on a 2016 Mazda MX5 Sport Nav, latest software installed for that car OS. First: You can't enter an address from carplay, you have to use the phone to. Carplay gives you basic options like "drive home" "drive to…
  • Just updated, not tried in the car as yet but wtf? Why is there about a million maps to download now, can't there just be a block for say western europe?
  • I don't mind paying a subscription, happy to do so if it means i get up-to-date maps and compatibility with the on-board systems in the car. It's not even £20 at the moment, that's less than a lunch with a couple of beers. I'd pay double that in all honesty for the convenience of offline maps and the excellent re-routing…
  • How does it cost? It does if you subscribe but the app is FREE. If you buy stand-alone equipment that can cost you into the hundreds you'll still pay for the subscription. So i ask again, how does it cost? The app is FREE to download last time i looked. And at the risk of repeating myself i think some people on here are…
  • Yup, i think a lot of people's expectations out of what is a free download app is way above what they should be. Maybe they need a different subscription for the nerds out there that seem to want to use this stuff.
  • I doubt i'd use them. What i'm thinking is if you want all that functionality then a stand-alone unit would probably be better for your needs.
  • Sorry, but what i want is simple. A nav that does that, you can keep all the bells and whistles because all i want it to do is get me from A to B, simple. Sometimes keeping it simple means this kind of thing just works, add too much in and it just slows the whole thing down, see Waze for examples of that. I didn't use the…
  • I must be using a completely different app to some people on here unless they're using Android. Never had a problem with lag or the 3D, directions come up quick enough and clear enough, shows petrol stations on the route, if a road is blocked it reroutes you, basically all the info you need while driving. All we want is…
  • Because it's not really niche anymore. More and more cars are coming with it as standard or can easily have it retro-fitted as i have. So then you have a nice big screen controlled by the controls onboard in the car which means no more poking about at a mobile phone which is now illegal last time i looked. Also then the…
  • 1st May; that's when i got an email to say that "a new Go mobile awaits you". What has happened since then? Nothing. Pathetic. I've checked the app on a regular basis and the update store and while all the other apps on there get regular updates there's zero from Tomtom. My subscription expires on the 27th and after years…
  • Now 2 weeks and still no update.......
  • Absolutely agree. I got an email a week and a half ago now and still no update. There's nothing worse than announcing something and then not delivering.
  • Apparently not if earlier posts are to go by.
  • And now a week down the line and still no update. What is the TomTom definition of the near future
  • Absolutely agree. I did try messing around the other day in the car and seeing if I could get an A2dp blocker (will force it to HFP) to work on there but to no avail. Looks like it's Apple maps for a while longer. I could try Waze or Google maps but i'd rather eat one of my own toe nails (not pretty) than sully my life…
  • Apologies. Just realised that HFP is the crux of the problem here. Oh well, back to the drawing board.
  • I didn't blame the head unit, i told you how you could hear the instructions by switching the source to bluetooth but you chose to ignore that and rant like an offended child. But as i'm nice here, try this: (explains the…
  • Sorry, but i usually ignore vapid trash but i made an exception in your case more to my detriment by the looks of it. I even tried to be nice but i'm obviously speaking to one of the easily offended of the world. Anyhoo, have fun with your silence and if you do manage to find a work-around (i could tell you how but that…
  • You do realise you've waffled at someone who doesn't work for Tomtom don't you? With my experience of most apps and bluetooth connections in cars is that if you are connected to them via bluetooth and on that source then you will hear instructions, if not then you won't. It was like that in the VW i had, it's the same in…
  • That would be how your car is set-up. You will hear instructions if you set the source on your head unit in the car to bluetooth, if not then you won't. That is nothing to do with the app.
  • Not good enough really. First you announced early 2019, then spring 2019, then you say it's coming out but can't give a date. You might as well not have bothered to post this in all honesty. Most modern cars now are CarPlay compatible and as an apple user i don't want to have to rely on using data all the time when i'm in…
  • Near future, when exactly? Sick of using apple maps in my car when i pay for this and it's far better.