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  • Have managed to update 100% but no says no map available but doesn't give me an option to download one. Any suggestions?
  • Hi Douglap Again sorry for the delay can't get on my laptop stepdaughter working from home on it. Managed to get update fully downloaded 100% but still no map. Also device doesn't show up on laptop though it must be recognized by mydrive connect. Now thinking of factory reset though the only tutorial is for a different…
  • Got a update failed message so doing another update could be resolved with this. Will keep you up to date
  • Further problem added more memory and connected to laptop given the option to update which I took got to 17% and lead became detached, stuck now at 17%
  • Hi DougLap Posts Put a SD card in but my PC wouldn’t fully format it, ok with quick format. Then when I try and load map of Europe I get “oops something went wrong try again “. Will a new SD card sort this?
  • DougLapPosts Sorry been so long replying been working through the pandemic with my spare satnav. Memory values are total 410mb available 310 mb
  • Doug The lead change made no difference, so my next question is, as I've had this unit for a few years, could the memory be full so I would then need a memory card. Would this stop the unit from loading a map? Or am I just clutching at straws and the unit is Knackered? btw the start 25,my old unit is working perfectly
  • Doug Am trying different leads in case it was a faulty TomTom lead even tried the lead from my hurl tablet as it’s thicker than ordinary leads no joy there. Dug out my old TomTom Start 25 to use temporarily, needs a full charge tonight. The GO problem remains the same, I’ll try charging it with the TomTom lead from the…
  • No don’t use a holder, I feel it’s not holding charge (could be wrong) so am gonna try and charge another device with the cable and maybe charge up again on different laptop
  • Have already tried that powered through my laptop overnight. It closes itself down 10 secs after drum roll. Gonna try it direct from the charger just to see if it’s a charging up problem and maybe use a different charging cable as well to see if the problems there. Any other suggestions?