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  • So a little update... I finally got rid of the Rider 550 and got myself a Zumo XT... Should have done this sooner, the XT is way ahead in terms of software... And the screen? Wow... no more problems when the Sun is behind me! No more waypoints which will loose they're name when transferred. No more custom POIs which show…
  • Selling the 550 Rider and eager to follow that route...
  • That's the kind of support you get from Tomtom lately... next to nothing. Release date: 01-Mar-21 Version: 20.102.0003.411 This applies to: GO Comfort, GO Supreme, GO 520/620, GO 5200/6200, GO Camper, Rider 500/550, GO…
  • Reading all this carefully seems a couple of workarounds for useful features that were there for ages. So the 20 limit just makes the MyDrive interface useless to me (most of the times at least) which is another setback because it was really nice and easy to use. Still... Missing the waypoint naming which is mandatory if…
  • That's what I thought... And the +10 years old rider does this flawlessly without any need to split the itinerary into multiple possibilities... Really disappointed. It keeps going worse, I have now found there's a limit of waypoints (seems to be set at 20) which to me fells like very few and a total nonsense... Now it's…
  • Thanks for the reply. I did not try it but I've used it in the past for offroad tracks (works great by the way). I do think I get how it works it's like a follow path. And if you miss it you'll get a route to the nearest point. Here's what I used to do with my old unit: I've setup a itinerary from A->B->C->-D->E Let's say…
  • Wish I had read the forum before buying the 550... :(
  • Mine (Mi 9T) says disabling the lock screen is only for selected devices like fitness and smart watches, so kind of pointless. Yet another feature that worked well on older units and that we lost... Wish I got a Garmin instead.
  • Another feature removed that existed in older units... Starting to feel the recent RIDER is rather a downgrade than an a upgrade.
  • That was a great feature that was available on older units. Not sure why it was removed and surely it shouldn't be that difficult to add. Well Garmin seems to have it, that might be the way to go.