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  • YamFazMan: First off, the problem has been fixed! I have my speed camera alert sounds back! I started my test drive. I set the destination. This is the screenshot just before driving out of WiFi range: At approximately one mile from my home I parked up and the speed camera symbol has disappeared: Then I remembered reading…
  • YamFazMan: "I realize the Go Premium has Lifetime Traffic & Speed Cams... But have you checked to see if they are Activated ???" My device is a GO BASIC. It has Lifetime Traffic, but the Speed Cams are only for three months (from new) and then one has to take out a subscription which lasts for a year. I bought my annual…
  • YamFazMan: I just had a brainwave! Since I did make a trip this morning to the supermarket, I fired up the TT on my desk at home and selected 'Recent destination' then selected the route I took. This is what the screen looks like right now: But during my trip the route bar showed nothing except a vertical bar with the…
  • YamFazMan: After I did the hard reset a couple of days ago on the advice of TT Support, the Warning type was set to Sounds. I left it like that, as I assumed it's sounds that I want to hear when approaching a speed camera. When you say "Set... 'Warning Type' to... Read Aloud... " what does that setting actually do? Does…
  • YamFazMan: No sound icons are slashed through. I think I have discovered what the problem is, but cannot explain why it happens: Today I went shopping and passed three fixed speed cameras. The Speed Camera alert warning sound was NOT triggered before any of the speed cameras. . When I checked in Settings\System\About then…
  • My speed camera alerts stopped working the day after a system update on 10/Nov/20. But my speed camera subscription doesn't expire until 13/Apr/2021. I'm waiting for a fix from TT Support. Earlier they asked me to do a factory reset, which I did. But a test drive just now showed that the alerts are still not working when I…
  • I have the same problem with my TomTom GO BASIC as of 11/Nov/20. I received a system update on 10/Nov/20 and since then the speed camera warnings have stopped sounding. TomTom Support told me to do a factory reset, which I did. Then I checked that the speed camera alerts were all still enabled and subscriptions activated…
  • On my TomTom GO the Report Map Change option does not always appear when I tap the three dots. But I've just played around with the satnav for 10 minutes and it kinda works sometimes. However, when I eventually see the option "Speed Limit" it's very difficult to swipe through the numbers to home in on the correct speed…