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  • Hi, Thanks all for your comments. Nice to hear that I'm not alone with this frustration. @Jürgen: See my original post (topic starter) and another detailed report further on. I have my SD card formatted as portable storage and I am not able to stor…
  • @BMWarlock I absolutely share your feelings. I also used to have the whole of Europe. Now I can only install Belgium and the country I know I am going to. Very frustrating indeed. Let's hope someone can solve this for us. ;-) Thanks for your comment…
  • OK, so I reformatted the SD, put the old data on it an retried. Just the same as before (see original post). Just one correction: I saw that, in the original post I wrote "I finally managed to get an old version running (maps on SD though)" The last…
  • @paba Indeed, Android sees two SD cards. One of them only has an Android and a lost.dir folder, maybe because it is not really in use. I don't know. I will try to make it be one SD card again, but I hope I don' t have to format it completely. I repo…
  • Hi again, Unfortunately, no success. SD card is set to 'portable storage'. Could my issue have something to do with the fact that my SD card is split in two parts (somewhat like partitions on a PC). Don't think I still need that, so if it could be o…
  • Hi, Firstly, excuse me for the late response, please. I have been so busy that I even did not read my emails. ;-) @Schneidernet: thanks for your feedback. I still hope to solve this issue, but if not, I will certainly give it a try with Garmin. @Pab…
  • Hi, Thanks for your comment. I really hope there is a solution. I don't want to leave TT. But I need the possibility to store on SD, just like you. So I hope there is an other option than leaving. Could you tell what software you use now? Or is that…
  • Thanks, Doug. I hope so. ;-)
  • SC card should be SD card of course ;-)