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  • @YamFazMan I feel with @dezmo. TomTom have shown the same behaviour more often in the past. The start to develop a successor but they strip at first many good working features. And they tell us, they will add it agian somewhere in future. Why???
  • Not Current Track. It is the option "Current Route". It was available in the older version (1.8) (Android) I can not make a screenshot anymore because version 2.3 is installed. Example: I am in Amsterdam. I select a track in Tomtom Go which has a starting point in Utrecht. To get there, TomTom calculates a route from…
  • It is indeed normal behaviour. But Waze has found a kind of solution for it. The lastest version of Waze support apps like Spotify or Tune-in to play directly within Waze. The music is interrupted by the spoken directions. But it resumes automaticly when the spoken directions are done
  • Support for GPX support is a dealbreaker for me. If there will be no support for it anymore. I won't buy it anymore. If there won't be GPX support in the near future, i will see this as an attempt to push these kind of users to a TomTom PND (i.e Rider). That would be sad because the app is much more stable to use than a…
  • What YamFazman told is one part of the answer. The other part is the roaming thing. Without roaming you cannot have traffic info in a foreign country. It is something your mobile provider has set and not something TomTom can do about it. It should be possible to have all the traffic info downloaded just at the start of…
  • It was a while ago i react in this topic but i did notice the changes in Mydrive before i read this topic. I'm thankfull for the changes. @danielforniestomtom : You mentiod MyRoute probably uses an old API. Is it possible for you (TomTom) to contact Myroute and exchange some thoughts about how to use the api in the…
  • @YamFazMan The opposite is true. The file created from MyRoute contains a Track and a Route. That's what you see in MyDrive. When you send a route from Myroute "over the air", through MyDrive to the Rider. MyDrive deletes the route and sends only the track to the Rider. When you reset the Rider complete and connect to…
  • @BrianE Myroute reaction is very typical for them. But that is a different discussion which doesn't belong here
  • On my new phone (Doogee S60) it is worse then my previous Galaxy s6. It also happens with the internal speaker but there it is very minimal It doesn't happen with other navigation-apps. So it is a very typical TomTom issue
  • If MyRoute is telling the truth. They say, they can't do anything about this problem because they have only access to MyDrive for sending routes through MyDrive but that's all. How MyDrive handles these routes MyRoute can't do anything about it.
  • Nice to see that is not me but a TomTom designed "feature". But no solution yet
  • @BrianE ; Try a complete reset of your Go 6200 and see what happens. @YamFazMan I have/had indeed more than 1 device with the same account but never used at the same time. I'm aware of that behaviour The route/tracks deleted one the first device, appears a few months later again on the new device. The reappeared…
  • Like i said. When you send routes/tracks from MyRouteApp through MyDrive to the Tomtom, the kept hidden in MyDrive but they are there. How can i delete these hidden files?
  • Bluetooth probably doesn't have the bandwith but more important it is stable enough for a continuous datastream. So USB is the way to go if want a stable connection (and that is what you want with android auto).
  • Try an app like Rotation Control Pro. With these apps you can set a fixed rotation or something else.