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  • Resetting via the button only seems to reset the home location. All favourites and other settings remain, making me suspect it hasn't actually reset in full. Also, the speed cam issue may be down to an old subscription still showing, along with the live speed cam subscription AND a monthly one which I recently bought that…
  • Hi. I've tried the "reset factory settings" option within the unit, however it doesn't seem to wipe anything off. I've also noticed an issue with the live speed camera option. If you click "alert settings" that also crashes the unit. Is there any other way to do a full reset? Thanks
  • Hi. All sorted now. It was downloadable within 24 hours of purchase. Thanks for the reply. 🙂
  • Hi. I have the solution. It's a little long-winded and technical as to how I solved it, but basically the BMConf file that's uploaded to the blue and me update site needs to be altered to install the Blue and Me TomTom software update in the car, rather than the Blue and Me Maps version, which my 2010 Fiat 500 came…
  • Just got excited when I got home and plugged my Runner in. It came up with a message saying a software update was available. It started downloading, so I left it whilst I went to hang my coat up. I headed straight back to my pc to see that the My Sports program said that it was up-to-date... But still on 1.8.46. I've…
  • Exactly what I was trying to suggest. I can see no benefit from the security pin. If the watch was lost and the finder attempted to connect to their own phone, the pin still let's them pair it (assuming that they're not android 6.0 ;-) )and would allow them access to your account anyway via the app. The only time that you…
  • Hopefully this update will be released soon. I'm using an LG G3 on Marshmallow and have the same issue. It does simply seem to be an issue with the watch's security and the pin entry box not popping up on the phone. Its a shame that there's no option to simply disable the pin request until the firmware can be updated. I've…