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  • Hi, is there any update on this? TTGo has pretty much became unusable due to the disconnecting and freezing issue I've mentioned in the OP You cannot hardwire the BMW Car Play it has to use wiresless so no option to hardwire I fired up the Waze app last week which I've not used for months and this work near perfect, the…
  • Hi All, I'm looking for a bit of guidance please, quite new to TT Go and Car Play in general and having all sorts of issues So initially I activate Tom Tom Go App through Car Play (BMW Dash) and let this run in the background and I have speed camera notification alerts on so in principal if I have a desitnation entered or…
  • Apple iOs 14.5.1 TT Go App Version 2.5
  • I get the hanging issue loads, often have to pull over and try a combination of on the app or via the phone before it eventually connects Never used to be this problematic for connecting until recently?
  • Well I've just tried it all be it on a short journey and I got two fixed camera notifications whilst no route was planned and the TomTom app was active via car play so maybe it does the job? I'll keep checking it, although 2 mile from my home the map was greyed out, I presume it's only downloaded certain areas of the map,…
  • @DougLap thanks for the prompt response. I've not got the app yet so I'll download it and see if it works as required on my vehicle. I connect via bluetooth/wifi to Apple Car Play and I use an iphone 8 with BMW 2019 model software. I often drive without a route planned so the speed camera notification is paramount to me to…
  • @LMK @lampard did this situation ever get resolved? I'm contemplating purchasing the TomTom Go app for iphone to use through Apple Car Play but the facility to have speed camera locations announced without having a route planned is critical to me and how I intend to use it in my vehicle, is the Tom Tom App capable of doing…