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  • Hi Micheal, The issue which you stated above is quite strange. In my case once i have started the run then it was working flawlessly. I am really not very sure about Polar H7 Sensor. I am currently using the TomTom sensor only and it is workkng amazingly. Now i am using the sensor with ECG gel so the problem which i was…
  • Hi tfarabaugh, Thanks a lot for your reply. Your reply really gave me very good insight. I just have one more question. In long run, if there is any chance of strap damage (or sensor tich button) if I unsnap the sensor from strap every day. My only concern is that the straps are not easily available in India (in case they…
  • Hi Team TomTom, Any update on this feature? When can we expect the release as it is much required and I purchased this device in the hope that smartphone notifications are on the way to be launched? It is really difficult to afford and manage two wearable devices so either we have to replace smart watch or the tomtom.…
  • I guess notifier is must for all, & for the rest of the functionality anyhow we need to reach to our phone.
  • Hi TomTom Team, We are eagerly waiting for this update so that TomTom spark can become the only watch that we will ever need replacing all the smart watches and bands. Can you please add the feature of hydration reminder to keep our body hydrated, i guess it is much required feature in any fitness wearable. Thanks, Avtar
  • Hi Team, I too faced the same problem and i am using the 3rd strap in little more than 1 year. I purchased this watch from US in Dec 2015. Currently i am in India can you please help out for free replacement as the strap has been used with utmost care, i complained about it to tomtom support but it was of no use. Thanks,…