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  • Dear YamFazMan Thanks for your kind advice. To my surprise, the GO620 came alive again. I unplugged it and pressed the power switch and it booted up. I did the same earlier in the car already, but at that time no response. I use it with Android Phones. But as said earlier, I do have the impression troubles started with me…
  • I do have the feeling the troubles with the GO620 started after I followed the advice to install an app on my Mobile to have Phone calls etc going via the GO620. It was working well before that time. I will uninstall anything TomTom on my mobile, but have to see first whether the GO620 comes alive at all again. As far as…
  • Please do not make proposals that look like you are paid by posting. I have a TomTom for many years and know how to check a cable and I use a dedicated USB Source only for the TomTom. And as it seems to work occasionally normal (between the first posting above and the posting today I even ran once an update of the TomTom…
  • Your answer is interesting. I use the same power supply for years for my TomTom (first the 600 and now at the 620) and all of a sudden it is not sufficient? Makes not much sense, as I have checked the power outlet and that is as good as it always was, see no reason why that capacity should suddenly change. Have it now…
  • I could not find a clear category for "route announcements" but at least I could report it. Not sure yet if it works and how my map get's the change. Also I could not trace the route, only a segment that goes straight instead of turning left ... lets see. It's making everybody laugh every day as it sound so stupid "keep…
  • I can't agree on that. Firstly the Language Question when turning the 620 on is not about Spoken English, at least it is not made clear as such. It is sometimes about the units used (at least at Windows), some use metric and some use these feet or so. I do not think the Australian and the New Zealand English version are…
  • I feel TomTom is a bit in a "strange". What does it mean "Due to Covid-19 the phone service has been suspended"... does a Flu virus travel over phone lines? What is normal "Normal Office Hours" ... Chat Lines are closed during much of our "normal office hours" ... I log in from Singapore, and via another side I get the…
  • Thank you. Thanks for the very good and clear answer ;)
  • At the current GO, you can on your "Current Route" do the following: - Clear Route - Find Alternative - Avoid Blocked Road - Avoid toll Roads and more (you can chose Toll Road and/or Ferries/Car Shuttle Trains and/or Carpool lanes and/or Unpaved roads) - Show Instructions - Add Stop to Route - Add to My Routes - Change…