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TomTom great, but some poor technology

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This isn't a question, but a notice, with the hope that TomTom reads these and takes them seriously. As good as TomTom navigation is, which is very good, two items are really poor. In a product as good as this, and not cheap, either, these items ought to be much better:

1. The battery is really poor. My GO 930 (OK, it's not the newest model, but this has been problematic since the beginning) hardly holds a charge for any useful length of time. A mobile phone with this bad a battery would never sell, and the only reason I can use mine effectively is because I only use it in the car, where it's always plugged in.

2. Download and/or installation speeds are at a snail's pace, which is really problematic with a large map download. I have a very good broadband connection, and files that size from elsewhere zip right along. My prime suspects are TomTom's servers and the USB 1 connection, either one or both.

Both these problems are inappropriate for a product otherwise this good. If I'm mistaken, and there's something wrong with my system that's causing this, I'd be happy to be illuminated, but I don't think so.
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