My curfer will not connect

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I have tried several times to connect my curfer to the car. I have even uninstalled the app from my phone and then reputting the app back on but it's still not working.


  • Steven9761
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    I have exactly this issue! I've uninstalled/re-installed the Android app onto a brand-new Galaxy Note9, and when I install the Curfer into the OBD port of my brand-new Seat Ibiza, I see the green light - but strangely, I also get a flashing blue light. My phone finds the device ok, my Bluetooth is switched on, and I have a strong wifi signal - but the damned thing refuses to activate!!

    Am I doing something wrong, or does this blue light suggest that the fault is with the Curfer device?
  • Steven9761
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    Try changing your USERNAME at login, for example, if your CURRENT username is Smith123, try changing it to:

    Smith010203, 5m1th123, or similar.

    If you try logging in with your current username, I think Tomtom's servers reject it because the device is already being used by "another" user, which is actually you!
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    I also deleted and reinstalled an app but looks like my phone is running spy app and I will try to check out more about it