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Re: Tom Tom go 630 touch screen problem

Although this post is a bit dated, I found a solution for strangely behaving touch screens. I hope it will help others that have similar problems and are now looking for a solution.

After an update I had the same problem as the Go 920 user above on my Go 630: to press a button, I had to tap the screen 10mm above the button, leaving the top row "unreachable" and therefore unusable. WIth the help of this post on another forum ( I found the solution.

It is a screen calibration issue, which you can influence by saving a text file "cal.txt" in the root directory of the Tomtom (use Windows Exlporer when your Tomtom is connected to the computer). In this file you put numbers that your Tomtom uses to overide the automatic calibration of the screen. In my case, these numbers did the trick (a staight copy from the mentioned website); 929 97 470 50, but it is mentioned that the correct numbers for your screen can be slighly different. Also note that for older models, the file should be named calib.txt, and the order of the numbers is different (use the link for more info).