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Re: Premium Voices for TomTom on Iphone ?

hi, i tried what you told me but with diskaid i can't find the path of the folder that contains the voice...

how can i do?

can you help me?

Thanxs a lot,


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Re: Premium Voices for TomTom on Iphone ?

That's a nice idea, however, surely it would just be simpler for TomTom to make the premium voices available for in-app download. They've done it for some already, adding a few more shouldn't be too complex?


Too much to ask?

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Re: Premium Voices for TomTom on Iphone ?
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You need to locate the voices folder. assuming you have the Europe app installed using DiskAid go to Applications _Europe in the left window, for the Center Window Europe_Europe.app_voices


Just re-name the voice chk file you have to one of the ones in the list below, make a note of the coresponding name and country you are replacing as you will need to select it from the list in the app.

For example if we name out third party voice file data10.chk and use DiskAid to put the renamed file in to the voices folder, start the TomTom app and go to Change Settings_Voice then select the Spanish voice "Marta" and you will now have your third party voice instead!

Most third Party voice packs come with three files, the bmp file is useless as is the vif file, you only need the chk file but make sure you overwrite one of the foreign voices with it, if you need a full list of which files corespond to which country and voice:

data00.chk Brigitte Dansk
data01.chk Werner Deutsch
data04.chk Tim UK
data05.chk Jane UK
data06.chk Ken Australia
data07.chk Lori USA
data08.chk Bonnie USA
data09.chk Richard USA
data10.chk Marta Spain
data11.chk Jacques France
data12.chk Catherine France
data13.chk Chiara Italy
data14.chk Bram Nederlands
data15.chk Eva Nederlands
data17.chk Lucie Nederlands
data18.chk Liv Norsk
data19.chk Astrid Svenska
data20.chk Jorgen Norsk
data21.chk Patrik Svenska
data22.chk Antonio Spain
data23.chk Nils Dansk
data24.chk Roberto Italy
data25.chk Jouquim Portugues
data26.chk Catarina Portugues
data27.chk Kati Suomi
data28.chk Matti Suomi
data29.chk Bernard Nederlands
data30.chk Olympia Greek
data31.chk Aristides Greek
data32.chk Anna Russian
data33.chk Vlad Russian
data34.chk Katarzyna Polski
data35.chk Andrzaj Polski
data36.chk Juri Eesti
data37.chk Barbara Slovencina
data39.chk Ozgur Turkey
data40.chk Ivars Latviski
data41.chk Miloslav Cestina
data43.chk Marius Bulgarian
data44.chk Norma Spain
data45.chk Raul Spain
data46.chk Maria Catalan
data47.chk Predrag Srpski
data49.chk Goran Hrvatski
data50.chk Gabrie Portugues
data51.chk Marika Magyar
data52.chk Vladas Lietuvskai
data55.chk Kiyoski Japanese
data56.chk Oana Roman
data161.chk Sean Irish
data162.chk Kathy Irish
data163.chk Nelson South African
data164.chk Doreen South African
data165.chk Paulo Portugues (BRA)
data166.chk Paul New-Zealand
data167.chk Katrina New-Zealand
data168.chk Mariela Espanol (Argentina)
data169.chk Jose Espanol (Argentina)
data170.chk Ana Espanol (Chile)
data171.chk Hector Espanol (Chile)
data172.chk Tereza Cestina
data173.chk Ervin Magyar (Hungary)

PS where I have used the under_scrore symbol in the text at the start this would usually appear as a backslash to denote a subfolder or folder path name, however the stupid forum code checker is seeing the backslash character as illegal so it won't let post with these included - Mike

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Homer Simpson voice on iPhone TomTom app
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Yesterday I downloaded the new version of TomTom for iPhone, and then purchased the new Homer Simpson voice, in-app.  Unfortunately, after loading there was no voice.  I called tech support, and the rep (who was very nice) said he was sorry, but this voice won't work on the iPhone.  He said if I submitted my receipt, they'd give me a refund.


I didn't want to ream the rep, because it's not his fault.  But what gives?  You offer an in-app download for $5.99 and it won't work?  Yikes.


Update:  While the service person was very nice, he was evidently not very well informed.  I emailed tech support about the non-working US iPhone Homer Simpson voice.  They suggested a soft reset of my iPhone.  Worked like a charm.  Woohoo! I have Homer!

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Re: Homer Simpson voice on iPhone TomTom app

It doesn't fill me with confidence that one tomtom rep has one answer and if you speak to someone else they give you a different answer.


The response to queries should be uniform across tomtom support.