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Re: New TomTom Navigation app for iPhone/iPad - v1.10

Bfpo wrote:

A short video to my "Searching for a local street that begins with H problem".


Does anyone else have this problem?


(I live in Germany..... So can someone else with TomTom Europe try and Search for a street that starts with H in a City called Walsrode in Germany?
It doesn't matter where I am, it just crashes when I search for it.)

I tried to reproduce that but I couldn't, the app doesn't crash when I use

navigate to / adress / Walsrode as city / h


Currently I can not see your video (the url is blocked where I currently am) so if my way is the way your app crashes then try to reinstall it. If not, can you provide me with the steps that lead to a crash on your iphone ?

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