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Avoiding Tunnels

I'm considering buying a TomTom (we currently have an older Garmin) and am trying to find out if any of the TomTom models have an option for avoiding tunnels.  We tow a 5th wheel trailer with propane tanks and need to avoid tunnels that do not allow propane.  Our current Garmin always chooses the best route, which unfortunately usually goes through tunnels.


Any suggestions out there?  Thanks! 

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Re: Avoiding Tunnels

There is no consumer type of GPS that I know of that has an option to avoid tunnels


The TomToms (depending on model) can avoid the following:


- Tolls

- Ferries

- car pool lanes

- unpaved roads


There is not an option to avoid tunnels.


The only way to get around the tunnels is to use google or bing maps and plan the route in those tools (they both have a way where you can click on a route and drag it to a different road).  Then, use the travel via option to avoid the road with the tunnel.  If itenerary planning was working, you could actually have multiple way points -- this is a feature presently not working


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Re: Avoiding Tunnels

I do not own a tomtom GPS but a Garmin nuvi, My close friend have one and both compagnies failed to have this simple feature. Nokia Maps in other hands do. All my smart phones are Nokia precisely for one: the GPS mapping and driving in off line mode is free and second it can take in account tunnels in the route options. Maybe because Nokia come from finland and they have different mind set in route planning in europe. What you can do is to go the the nokia maps site : and then plan a route diasabling the tunnels routing option and then look for the re-route point to force it in your regular GPS. What it does not do, is to tell you if reguular propane gas tank are allowed or not in the crossed tunnels path. I just came around Baltimore where any gaz are not allowed in it's tunnel but I could cross the tunnel from hamptom to Norflok in Virginia.  And yes Nokia route calculation may differ from either tomtom or Garmin or goggle or bing etc...

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Re: Avoiding Tunnels
Garmin and Nokia are using the same Nokia (NavTeq) maps.

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