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Re: TomTom GO LIVE Camper and Caravan



I am one disgruntled customer.   TT had a camper and caravan model on the market but withdrew it and replaced it with the Truck Pro.   I wanted to upgrade my TT early this month and was told that the Truck Pro was the only TT that you could input your vehicle length.   The only problem with this is that it thinks everything is a large Truck and therefore will not direct you down routes that trucks are barred from using but which caravans and motorhomes can.    TT themselves said they had not intention of replacing the Campervan/caravan model.   In view of this I purchased a GO Live 1005.  I now read some weeks later that they are introducing it to the European Market. 


Strangely upon going through the menu yesterday I happened to click on Map correctections in the menu and what popped up amazed me it was a page showing a Car which was highlighted but alongside it shaded were a motorhome a caravan and a small van.   Obviously I could not highlight these so had to select car.    After doing this this page is no longer available.  


I feel that TT have misled me and probably others.  Surely its not too difficult to add this facility as a downloand for those  who would find this very useful.    Like somone said previously why cant TT make this an add on to the Live which people have just purchased.


Another thing is TT are elusive to their customers I can find no customer service telephone number.   


Well I have said my bit which I know will fall on deaf ears as far as TT is concerned.