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Re: Flashing Red X When Turned on?!?
My tom tom start was switched on and I had the flashing white x in a red circle with a blue circle on the bottom left corner with what looks like a key in it.I have reset it,and now it has the following display
TomTom START (TM) (c) TomTom 2003-2010 Build -N/A-

Hardware type: TomTom START

SubID (feature) 00 (0000000000000000)

Bootloader version: S5.5274 clist#540743 RVCT

Checksum: ECD9

Memory:32 MB. Type:MDDR

CPU ID: 32450003

Clocks: 264.0 132.0 66.0

GPS type: GL2 BCM4750 FFFF

TFT Type: AUO A035QN02 ALT13

Internal FLASH capacity: 2007040 KB

MMC NAND version (PRV): 36 48.0 MHz 4 B SAMSUNG

Startup mode: Power down

Device ID: XD5030G05927

Touchscreen calib. data: 237 808 306 664 03300mv

Sector protection: YES

Battery boot voltage: 3756 mV0x03780x0307

RTC: 04:39:12 01.01.2000

I tried to follow the TOM TOM instructions to reboot the device and all was going well until they asked for the code.I assume this was on the box I'd thrown away.
Any suggestions please.