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Re: Waiting for a Valid GPS signal

Thanks Traylaw, very good explanation on what to do. I am sure this can tackle the issue.


But if you are not able to connect to the pc, or the steps you provided did not help, i'd always suggest the so-called "first fix".


For that please do the following (soft reset):


- Fully charge the TomTom device.


- Then go outside.


- Push the power button of the TomTom for app. 15 sec., you should hear the TomTom drums and the device will start.


- After that, please positon the TomTom somewhere outside where you have as less tall buildings, trees etc. as possible.


- Leave the TomTom there for about 30-45 minutes.


What is the use of this?


With the soft reset of the device, the last positon that was locked is being deleted. That means the TomTom will look for the position without prior information from last use. When the TomTom is staying at the same positon for a longer time, it should be able to correct the GPS data installed on the device according to the signals it is receiving. This should solve the issue.


My personal suggestion is to either try Traylaws or my steps, and if it does not work, do the other. It might be the case that the GPS info on the device is missing or faulty, but there is also the chance that the TomTom is trying to find your position but the used information is not being interpreted right. 



In either way, GPS issues are in 99% of the cases no hardware issue but software related. I hope this helped :smileyhappy:



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