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Re: LIVE Services outage (Error 148)
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arcimarco wrote:


We're sorry .. just this ?

I spent time and money for nothing ... two big issues in few days !!!


You are loser in market


Even though the above contribution has been written some hours ago, I still want to make a general comment.


Having joined the user forum only a few days ago, I am somewhat disappointed, - not in the forum itself, which on the whole has probably helped a lot of users to get back on track, once the fix was out.


Is the anger and abuse really necessary in order to make a point?  Who is the loser in the end? Is the problem really being fixed faster that way? Is the forum not here for users to try and help other users?


Just as we have a thumb up system for contributions that have been helpful to individuals, it probably would be good to have a thumb down system.


Yes it is inconvenient when things don't work, but that is life. There is always a way to work around things without this negativity.


As to the fire in Rotterdam, I am sure that TT did not need it, I am sure they will have live services back as soon as possible for them.


Here is a link to one of many articles about the fire: