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Re: HD Traffic Reduced Range UK & EUROPE - Unacceptable

Mick-TT950 wrote:

Another week passes, still no information.


It would appear we paying subscribers are unlikely to get the service we have paid for, as TomTom may cutting the range so save money!


Not long now,  and we can organise a party to celebrate 1 year of reduced services and have paid TomTom for the privelege

Yes, indeed. It's two weeks since you opened this thread and STILL NO COMMENT FROM TomTom, except a week ago to say they are working on it - the same comment we've been getting for how long now? What was that announcement last week about TT looking to cut costs significantly?


This last week, I was due to return to Bristol from Newmarket. My RDS-TMC Carminat told me the M4 was closed Westbound Junction 16 because of an accident and recommended cross country to Oxford and across to M5 to avoid 30 minutes (and increasing) delay. GO550 HD Live Traffic said nothing and planned my route along M4 with NO INCIDENTS. Is this HD Traffic as advertised to get me there with the least delays and traffic?