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Re: HD Traffic Reduced Range UK & EUROPE - Unacceptable
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Thank you for your post and stating the case for TomTom.


It is good that our concerns are taken seriously, but the lack of any post from TomTom for some considerable time is very disconcerting, as this problem seems to be at the bottom of the to-do list!


I would like to say I was very pleased with TomTom HD Traffic services before the fiasco that followed TomTom’s decision to reduce the Traffic range. The return of HD traffic services to a minimum 160km range is most important.


Surely after 10 months it is not beyond reason that this problem should have been resolved, after all you still advertise and take subscriptions for  the HD traffic service on basis of  it showing traffic for ‘your route’.


Recent press releases make it clear TomTom cannot afford to lose any more customers, but by taking so long to sort this issue, the point at which loyal customers will remain loyal has been reached and in some cases past.


When people who have been using TomTom products for over 7 years, have had enough and are to switch to alternative products, TomTom must realise they need to address the problem as a priority.


TomTom also need to realise that concerns over HD Traffic horizon has now filtered down in to retail shops.


The main reason for buying a TomTom is that it was the best at what it did.  Alas, the situation with HD Traffic has left it vulnerable.


Even Google Maps has a navigation system with traffic, which is an adequate sysytem, while not the best, but it is free!