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Re: HD Traffic Reduced Range UK & EUROPE - Unacceptable

Kenneth wrote:

Hello all,


We know some of you are unhappy with the way TomTom HD Traffic is working, particularly in the UK, and that the answers we have provided are not what you want to hear. But we are not ignoring you. We follow community discussions closely and are often impressed with the knowledge and ideas that are presented in these threads. These are your concerns as we have understood them:


1) The current 120km range is sometimes not sufficient for long distance journeys, particularly in the UK.

2) The forty minute horizon on devices that connect to MyTomTom.




I think you need to avoid upsetting us by evading the issue that the HD Traffic Service was originally of far greater range than 120km - I for one find the frequent references to "increasing" to 120km and to 160km evasive on the part of TomTom, because we originally had at least 160km and without any back notes, I am not alone in thinking it was actually more than 160. Recent checks have shown the devices still downloading data from over 150 miles range (250km).


TomTom are also ignoring several queries as to what TT are proposing to do about the service we have paid for, for over a year, which was reduced far below the value we paid for. It is particularly galling in this respect to hear that TT tweeted to iPhone users that an extension to HD Traffic subscriptions was being allocated en bloc to compensate for some short loss of service. It is now only one month away from being one year since we last had the service range that we paid our subscriptions for. I would add that extending our subscriptions by a year is the least we expect, but even so, to extend them by one year and yet continue to provide only a limited range, would still be an unhappy state of affairs.


May I repeat what I and others have already said - When we got HD Traffic, it was brilliant, nobody else had anything that could even stand by on the sidelines enviously. We joined and rejoined the subscription service with willing and happy hearts (some of us at the earlier price of double today's rate). We have no quarrel with HD Traffic as a system, it's bloody brilliant, if only you will restore the range to what we paid for. If you have to restrict it, I'll settle for the previous 250km.


Perhaps this picture of my journey records spreadsheet (customer names deleted) will illustrate my situation - my recent journeys, shows odometer readings and total journey mileages - divide the total for a guide to the one way journeys and note that the distances are in miles - the 787 mile trip to Glasgow equates to 1260kms, or 630 kms one way. The shortest run was 80 miles one way, just outside the current 120km range.


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