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Re: HD Traffic Reduced Range UK & EUROPE - Unacceptable

Hello all,


We know some of you are unhappy with the way TomTom HD Traffic is working, particularly in the UK, and that the answers we have provided are not what you want to hear. But we are not ignoring you. We follow community discussions closely and are often impressed with the knowledge and ideas that are presented in these threads. These are your concerns as we have understood them:


1) The current 120km range is sometimes not sufficient for long distance journeys, particularly in the UK.

2) The forty minute horizon on devices that connect to MyTomTom.


Since we first raised the concerns posted on this and other forums internally we expanded the range of TomTom HD Traffic from 80km to 120km, and then briefly to 160km. As you know, we were then forced to limit it to 120km again. Our traffic team is continuing to work on short, medium and long-term improvements to the service, and all options are being investigated. However, for obvious reasons, we are not able to reveal all the details surrounding the technical challenges we faced recently and the solutions that are being investigated and developed. And, unfortunately, despite our best efforts to expand the range we’re not able to offer an immediate solution. Many of you already understood that the increase to the 160km bounding box might have been temporary and could have been decreased with the approaching winter and increase in traffic incidents.


In the meantime, it is not practical for us to post new updates every day but do not mistake our perceived silence as avoiding or neglecting the issue. It has been raised at the highest levels, and is reviewed daily. We want to keep you as loyal customers, and we hope that you will, ultimately, be pleased with the TomTom HD Traffic service.