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Re: Planning a route
The direct link to Overleap is this:

To install it, just connect your TomTom to your computer, wait 'till that orange/white screen comes up, then visit my webiste (you will need to allow your browser to execute my installation applet on the first time) and click the big "install/uninstall"-button.
It will then search for your TomTom and should display its serial number (and type, if not a 100x) and you can select "install". If it can't find your TomTom on the frist try, try "search".

If you then click "install" it will install my Overleap-plugin onto your TomTom.

After it is done, wait five seconds then disconnect your TomTom safely (on Windows use the little green remove-hardware-safely-arrow in your tray on the bottom right, next to your clock).

By the way: If you want to remove the plugin do everything the same way but instead of "install" there will be an "uninstall"-button.

If your then disconnect your USB-cable your TomTom should boot and you should see the overleap-button in the upper part of your navigation screen.

Beware: It will only work if you have a planned itinerary and your TomTom knows where it is! Does not work so good on the balcony and such...

Have fun! :smileyhappy:

Oh, and if you don't like the position of the button you can change that by editing the file "overleap.cfg" in the "Overleap"-directory on your TomTom using a normal text-editor.

And if you don't like the button or want a semi- or real transparent button, check out Just download the package you want by clicking on the button you like, unpack it and throw the four files in it into the Overleap-directory, overwriting the files within.
The original button is also on that page. :smileywink: